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What is eHealth?

eHealth is the cost-effective and secure use of information technologies in support of healthcare through information technology. Very simply, eHealth is managing your healthcare information by employing technology to assist, monitor and record medical data. This may include information from all your healthcare providers: primary care, specialists, hospitals, pharmacies, diagnostics, monitoring, and other relevant health information data, which may prove vital for maintaining an all-encompassing health information system.

A comprehensive database of medical information offers significant opportunities, but requires research and even more thoughtfully devised technologies to access this information. NCORD has a developed a new way to access you healthcare information – the eHealthCard.

What are Electronic Medical Records?

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a digitalized paper chart made by a clinician. It contains the medical and other health related history and the healthcare information of the patients in one practice. EMR provides a close monitoring and easy identification of patient for parameters like immunizations, blood pressure, vaccines, etc.

An EMR makes the process of patient record keeping easier, more accurate and comprehensive, and more efficient. NCORD software allows doctors to enter healthcare information electronically, allowing the patient’s complete history to be immediately available. Physicians can use a desktop, laptop or electronic clipboard to navigate through patients’ charts and record notes.

What are Electronic Health Records?

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a paperless, digital version of a patient’s chart. NCORD EHR is a real-time, patient-centred record that makes information available instantly and securely to authorized users.

One of the key features of an EHR is that healthcare information can be created and managed by authorized providers in a digital format capable of being shared with other providers across more than one health care organization. NCORD EHRs forms a LiveWire of healthcare providers, as it connects laboratories, specialists, medical imaging facilities, pharmacies, emergency facilities, schools, and workplace clinics.

What is NCORD's eHealthCard?

The eHealthCard digitally stores all medical records making it available wherever and whenever it may be needed. A globally calibrated dynamic card, it connects hospitals, researchers, physicians, patients and others to a unique LiveWire platform.

Your medical data and health record is readily accessible by a unique identification number and is securely stored in a secure environment on the cloud. eHealthCard benefits not only the card holder/patient, but also doctors, hospitals, diagnostic labs, and other allied healthcare participants.

Why eHealthCard?

  • Unique ID Number for personal medical data access
  • Personalized databank of medical history, conditions, test results, consultations, prescriptions, and medications
  • Secure digitization that prevents data theft and/or corruption
  • Unlimited bandwidth on LiveWire to support data mining
  • Real-time data available anywhere and everywhere, 24x7
  • National and global network of hospitals, physicians, diagnostic and pathology labs
  • 24x7 technical support services during medical emergencies
  • Easier access to medical care and services in emergencies
  • Informed diagnosis through transparent records
  • Cross-functional benefits: helpful for patients, doctors, physicians, insurance providers
  • Nominal fees and hassle-free registration

Advantages :

  • Medical information available on-the-go
  • Remote access to medical data
  • Multi-regional, multi-lingual & multi-platform applications
  • Quicker and accurate medical emergency responses
  • 24x7 LiveWire support
  • Access to innovative advancements in technology, healthcare and research
  • Privacy to preventive and holistic healthcare information
  • Benefits in insurance claim


Carry Health Records
  • Ability to carry their virtual medical record at all times and release it as desired
  • Enables improved healthcare, thanks to better-informed providers. Enables faster treatment in emergency healthcare
  • Eliminates need to remember specific terms, dates, conditions, medications, and treatments
  • Eliminates the need for unnecessary repeated tests and treatments

Healthcare Professional

Healthcare everywhere
  • Availability of current medical data
  • Ability to obtain critical healthcare information about an incapacitated or unconscious patient
  • Improved communication and information sharing among healthcare providers, physicians, hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies
  • Reduced administrative workload
  • Enables accurate data collection for research purposes, facilitating the evolution from treatment-based medicine to preventive medicine


  • Potential for significant revenue growth in terms of loyal Base Entity Configuration and other sources
  • Tremendous reduction of time for physician’s diagnosis and analysis
  • Avoids unnecessary, voluminous paperwork and other administrative overhead
  • Health information of all patients will be available in the hospital
  • Ensures that the Base Entity Configuration buys medicines from hospital-approved pharmacies, through use of smart-card readers
  • Prolonged medical cases; e.g., pregnancy, dialysis, can be tracked and checked for individual Base Entity Configuration
  • Ensures hospital maintains a technological advantage in the marketplace
  • Eliminates unnecessary treatments, repeated procedures and tests
  • Reduces length of stays in the Emergency Room
  • Improves ER triage efficiency


Health Insurance
  • Faulty claims can be avoided
  • Better customer service
  • More clients, more utility
  • Easy claim processing
  • Less dependence on 3rd Party Administrator
  • Better reach to customers
  • Platform to promote additional services
Health Card Usa Online

Fill in your details online, or get in touch with us to enrol for your personalized eHealthCard with all your medical data in digital format.

Health Care Access

During medical treatments or emergencies, use your card to provide the Healthcare providers with access to your relevant information like insurance, case history, medical profile, diagnosis, allergies, physician details, and even prescriptions. You can manage levels of access or authorize data usage as you choose, simply by using your unique PIN code.

Manage Health Online

Your unique eHealthCard will be scanned by the service provider to access your information via a secured LiveWire platform

Accessing and coordinating medical services was never easier. Say good-bye to paper charts, lab reports and diagnosis notes – get the power of the eHealthCard and empower yourself to better manage your health.